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D-Life presents: İzvárzló with Éva Csepregi and her son Dávid

Multigrain rye baguette with homemade strawberry jam




Mix the dry ingredients and crumble the yeast in, then add the water, knead and knead. Cover with a kitchen towel and let rest in a warm place for 2 hours. (It is very important that the bread dough is well covered). After that, shape baguettes from the mass.

Bake the baguettes at 200 degrees in 55 minutes. (Not in a preheated oven!) Check with a pin test.




Put the strawberries in a pan on the stove. Mix the D-Life birch sugar with the D-Life apple pectin, mix it with the strawberries, pour the lemon juice over it and let it boil for a few minutes while stirring vigorously. You can mix it a bit, then pull it aside and skim off the foam.

Take clean canning jars (roughly two 3 dl can be filled), fill them with the still hot jam, close them tightly and turn them upside down on a piece of newspaper. After 5-10 minutes, you can turn them over and wrap them individually in newspaper. Line a basket with a blanket, place the bottles in it, and cover with the blanket to keep them moist. Let it cool like this.


  • D-Life multigrain rye wheat baking mix

D-Life Rozsbúza multigrain baking mix is ​​part of the Szögedi Rozsbúza trademark product line, which includes flour mixes and baked goods that support healthy nutrition, have a higher mineral content and are rich in dietary fiber.

The consumption of bread made from rye wheat is recommended regularly, as it contains 30-35 percent of the total amount of fiber required by the body, and the minerals that are in the layer under the rye wheat shell perform an important physiological function.

  • D-Life wheat success

In principle, wheat germ is a flexible, swellable material, which allows you to bake beautiful, tall bread from wheat flour.

  • D-Life Apple Pectin

A natural substance extracted from apples recommended for making jams, marmalades, and jellies. It is a great cholesterol reducer and can be used to prevent cardiovascular diseases and colon cancer - and it is also an effective natural detoxifier!

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