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Király Fanni, dietician

The choice of my major has a family aspect, since I was very young I was remarkably interested in a healthy lifestyle, especially nutrition. To this day, I like to experiment with new reform recipes that can be incorporated into different diets,healthy alternatives to traditional foods.

I continued my studies at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Pécs, and received my diploma in 2019. I obtained my internship at the 400-Bed Clinic of the Clinical Center in Pécs. I currently work as a dietician at the Markusovszky University Teaching Hospital in the employment of Eurest Kft. I perform tasks on a daily basis both at the patient's bedside and in the area of ​​food. I like to be in direct contact with my patients, so it is easier for me to provide individualized diet education.

My personality can be described as people-oriented, rational, kind, and helpful. My work is characterized by professional integrity, intense interest in scientific fields, analysis of any new research that may arise in one's field, and incorporation into my work.

My motto:

"Profession is the backbone of life."

(Friedrich Nietzsche)

My relationship with D-life products:

During my work, I had the opportunity to test a D-life product together with my diabetic patients. I asked them to tell me about their experiences, since as a professional, judging from the ingredients and the mechanism of action, this product line proved to be effective for me. Although the results are not considered representative, since we tried the preparations with a small group, I must say that they proved to be extremely effective in terms of blood sugar parameters. I asked my subjects not to change their previous eating habits, but to include the given D-life product (flour preparation and products made from it) in their meals, and to measure fasting and post-meal (after 1.5 hours) blood sugar values. The result is that after a meal, the parameters showed significantly lower outliers compared to the fasting values, so carbohydrate absorption is sufficiently slow. What's more, my patients didn't complain of sudden hunger either, so it can be said that the food prepared with D-life products also caused a feeling of fullness.

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