About us

Our company, Inter-Cosmo Kft., deals with the production and distribution of low-carbohydrate and reformed foods.

If you wish to contact us, you can do so at the following contact details:

  • by post at 1158 Budapest, Késmárk utca 9,
  • by e-mail at dlife@d-life.hu,
  • by phone +36 30 966 44 33.

    D-Life: A NEW generation of low-carbohydrate products

    After several years of research,Diabet Trade Kft. developed a new product line together with the expert team ofSzeged Gabonakutató Kft. out.

    D-life products ensure prolonged slow absorption due to their galactomannan content (galactomannan is a natural fiber component found in the seeds of guar beans belonging to the buttercup family), so the so-called Thanks to the "Low and Slow" effect, we experience a feeling of fullness for a longer time when consuming them. Products containing galactomannan have a pleasant taste, can be consumed at any time of the day (they do not have the character of sawdust), and their fiber content is higher than that of staple foods.

    >their protein content is high, and the blood sugar level is raisedless, so their consumption is highly recommended for diabetics. Our product lineis made using only natural materials, without added preservatives or sugar.

    The consumption of our galactomannan-containing foods is recommended for health-conscious people, dieters, children, athletes and diabetics alike.

    Traditional flavors, in a healthy version!

    Most people want tolive healthily, avoid diseases or achieve the long-desireddream shape. But healthy eating certainly makes everyday life difficult and involves too manyrenunciations. Not to mention that diet products are oftentasteless, have unusual textures and are difficult to obtain.
    That is why we developed the D-Life product line, all products of which aremade fromnatural ingredients,carbohydrate-reduced, so they can be included in most diets.Our customers love our products because, in addition to their health, they also help them maintain their shape without having to give uptraditional flavors!

    Why should you include D-Life products in your diet?

    Clinical tests prove that our products...

    • compared to the usual values ​​they contain 30% less carbohydrates
    • due to their content of plant active ingredientsslowly absorbed
    • measurablylower blood sugar levels
    • daily consumptionpromotes weight loss
    • increase the feeling ofsatiety
    • contribute to maintainingnormal blood cholesterol levels
    • are made using onlynatural materials, withoutpreservatives
    • have a highvegetable protein content

    Awards, recognitions

    2005 - Agricultural Innovation Award:

    At the XIV Innovation Grand Prize competition, Gabonatermesztesi Kutató Kht and Diabet Trade Kft. "Development of the recipe for the diabetic bakery and pasta product line DIABET-MIX, utilization at industrial level" he received the 2005 Agricultural Innovation Award for his work.

    2021 - HUNGARIAN PRODUCT trademark use:

    It is a great pride for us that many of our products are entitled to use the HUNGARIAN PRODUCT and DOMESTIC PRODUCT certification marks.


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