Stevia powder 30g

stevia powder

The dried leaves of the stevia plant are approx. They are 30 times sweeter than refined sugar. The stevia leaf can be used on its own, brewed as tea, or to sweeten ready-made teas. It has an alkalizing effect on the human body and can be consumed by diabetics and dieters as it does not raise blood sugar levels. The stevia leaf also has a fungicidal effect, and can be used effectively in case of candida fungus. In any case, it is not recommended for people suffering from Candia disease to consume any refined sugar, so we strongly recommend that they sweeten with stevia powder. This natural sweetener has no harmful effects on teeth and gums. It also contains many vitamins and minerals, such as: cesium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, cobalt, manganese, vitamins P, A, E, and C.