Spirulina algae powder 100g

Immune-boosting, antioxidant-detoxifying spirulina algae powder

Spirulina is actually a type of algae that contains large amounts of proteins, vitamins, minerals and beneficial phytochemicals. Regular consumption can significantly improve our health. Spirulina contains a large amount of easily digestible vegetable protein (60%). It contains all B vitamins, minerals and trace elements, such as calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and selenium. As a result, it stimulates cell building. It supports blood formation and is very effective in case of anemia. Immune-boosting, antiviral effect. Excellent antioxidant, supports protection against cancer. Excellent detoxifier, supports detoxification. It is recommended to consume 1-2 teaspoons of powder per day mixed in water, fruit juice, or tea. Do not put it in a hot drink warmer than 40oC.