Himalaya salt white, not colored 500g

100% natural, fine-grained royal salt

Himalayan salt is an unprocessed salt that contains many trace elements that the body needs for proper biochemical functioning. Areas of use of Himalayan salt: • can be used in cooking, baking, • externally suitable for preparing salt baths and foot baths, • in the form of a solution can also be used to clean the nasal cavity, especially during the cold season • with a warm salt pillow, ear, waist, shoulder and back pain can be relieved with it • effective against herpes also The health benefits of Himalayan salt: • regulates blood pressure, stabilizes irregular heartbeats • normalizes blood sugar levels • filters excess acid from the body's cells, especially the brain cells • fills the body's cells with energy and also increases the conductivity of nerve cells, thus accelerating the flow of information • provides minerals and trace elements necessary for the body • improves the absorption of nutrients through the intestinal system • cleans the mucous membrane of various deposits and bacteria • clears the sinuses • also acts as an antihistamine for the body • eliminates a persistent, dry cough • m prevents the development of gout and arthritis • prevents the formation of varicose veins • helps the kidneys in detoxification • strengthens the bone structure • prevents muscle spasms