D-Life vegan package

  • D-Life low-carb baking mix, 500g
  • D-Life low-carb baking mix with 70% whole grain flour, 500g
  • D-Life low-carb pasta, 200g
  • D-Life low-carb frilly large cube, 200g
  • D-Life carb-reduced broad beans, 200g
  • D-Life Transylvanian salt, 500g
  • D-Life erythritol powder, 200g
  • D-Life chickpeas, 250g
  • D-Life peeled millet, 400g
  • D-Life basmati rice, 500g
  • D-Life, quinoa, 250g
  • D-Life, millet flour, 200g
  • D-Life plantain peel, 50g
  • D-Life tomato flakes, 30g
  • D-Life cocoa powder, 200g
  • D-Life coconut milk powder, 150g

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