D-life reduced carbohydrate wide 200g purple packaging

Hungarian-developed, innovation award-winning low-carbohydrate side dish.

Hungarian-developed, innovation award-winning reduced-carbohydrate side dish.

D – about life noodles:

The raw material of D-max dry pasta is a dough protected by an international patent signed by the developers (Gabonakutató Kft., Diabet Trade Kft.), with a composition that has not been used anywhere in the world so far, which contains only natural raw materials, is bran-free, and has a carbohydrate content of 30% less compared to normal products of the same type.

D-life products ensure prolonged slow absorption due to their galactomannan content (galactomannan is a natural fiber component found in the seeds of guar beans belonging to the buttercup family), so the so-called Thanks to the "Low and Slow" effect, we experience a feeling of fullness for a longer time when consuming them.
Products containing galactomannan have a pleasant taste, can be consumed at any time of the day (they do not have the character of sawdust), and their fiber content is higher than that of staple foods.

Also available in gastro packaging! (request for offer:

Professional recognition: Innovation Award 2005

Power value:

in 100 g of dry dough || 100 g of cooked pasta

Energy: 1573KJ || 524KJ

371 kcal || 124 kcal

Fat: 2.4 g || 0.8 g

of which saturated fatty acids: 0.2 g || <0.1g

Carbohydrates: 49 g || 16 g

of which sugar: 1.5 g || 0.5 g

Fiber: 7 g || 2.3 g

Its protein: 35 g || 12 g

Salt: 0.01 g || <0.01g

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