Chia seeds

Aztec sage seed, 99.9% pure plant-derived product, gluten and GMO-free they held it in such high esteem that they saluted their king with it. Chia seeds contain a combination of fibers, proteins, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. - immune booster - improves heart health - delivers important antioxidants, minerals and trace elements to the body - helps to balance blood sugar levels - improves digestion - cleanses the intestines and promotes weight loss Colon cleansing and weight loss: Chia primarily supports the success of your diet by adding it to foods and increasing their weight and fiber content, while their calorie content remains unchanged. Thus, during their consumption, the feeling of satiety occurs earlier, and it will be easier to maintain a diet. Thanks to its insoluble fiber content - in addition to drinking a sufficient amount of liquid (1 liter per 15 kilos) - chia helps remove accumulated waste from the intestinal tract.