Have you tried pizzas made from D-life "low and slow" dough at Pizza King?

To whom do we recommend pizzas made from "low andslow" dough?

For all those who like to live healthier than the average and who like to pay attention to their form. The pizzas made fromlow andslow dough contain 30 percent fewer carbohydrates than their traditional pizza counterparts, and they also contain protein and fiber is also much higher than an average pizza dough, whichthereby becomes easier to digest for everyone, as it has a higher fiber content.

TheD-lifeos carbohydrate-reduced pizza dough is made using only natural ingredients, without adding preservatives or sugar, which is much more favorable for people with metabolic problems effective, because it does not raise the blood sugar level and its absorption is prolongedit has, thereby furtherwe stay full. Of course, we're only talking about the pizza dough here, frankly, what toppings we choose for ourselves is also a very important and determining factor.

D-life reduced carbohydrate pizza flour was developed after several years of research work by Diabet Trade Kft. together with the expert team of Gabonakutató Kft. in Szeged. D-life productsgalactomannan due to their content( agalactomannan a a natural fiber component found in the seeds ofguarbab belonging to the family of buttercups) ensure long-lasting slow absorption, thus "Low andslow" effect and when consumed for a longer time we experience a feeling of fullness and do not cause blood sugar fluctuations either, besides it has a delicious and traditionaltaste , thus, the difference is hardly noticeable, that we chose a non-traditional pizza, but a healthier one.

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