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Healthy lifestyle, without compromises!

Most people wantto live healthily, to feel good in their own skin. Yet we see that the number of people suffering from diseases caused byobesityandoverweight is growing at an unprecedented rate. This can be caused by many things, includinginheritedcharacteristics, ordiseases, the stress, aa sedentary lifestyleor aimproper diet.
Numerous researches and experiences prove that nutrition, a balanced diet, plays a key role in achieving an ideal weight and overcoming several diseases. However, this is not so simple, as anyone who is on a diet - be it a diabetic, a dieter or an athlete - does not want to give up their favorite foods anddelicious flavors.
That is why D-life we have developed our products in such a way that they are most similar to the usual flavors, the bread is deliciously crunchy, the pastries are sweet and the dough is filling and has a perfect texture. In addition, our flour mixes, baked goods and pasta are allreduced in carbohydrates, so they can be included in most diets without any problems.

Awards, recognitions

2005 Agricultural Innovation Award:

The XIV. In the Innovation Grand Prize competition, Gabonatermesztési Kutató Kht and Diabet Trade Kft. "Development of the recipe for the DIABET-MIX diabetic bakery and pasta industry product line, utilization at an industrial level" he received the 2005 Agricultural Innovation Award for his work.


Mrs P ÁCS, ZS KOVÁCS. &. VARGA L. (2002): Diabetic, bran-free ready-to-eat flour, flour mixture and additive mixture, as well as a process for the production of bakery products, especially bread, pastries and cakes. Patent. 04. 18. PO201270. (Diabetic, bran-free flour, flour mixture, additive mixture and technology for preparing baking products, in particular bread, baker's wares and cakes. PCT/HU03/00028)

Mrs P ÁCS, ZS KOVÁCS. & VARGA L. (2005): Diabetic ready-made flours or flour mixtures or additive mixtures made from higher and whole grains, for the production of bakery products, especially bread, pastries, dry doughs and other bakery products, flour products and durable bakery products. Patent. 29.11. PO501123. (Diabetic flours or flour mixtures or additive mixtures on nearly whole- or whole-cereal basis for manufacturing baked products, especially bread, baker's wares, pasta and other baker's wares, other floury products and non-perishable baking products. PCT/HU06/00103 )