D-life sports and nutrition expert

Renáta Szabó, sports expert and nutrition consultant

I am a 33-year-old personal trainer, sports coach, G-flex and fitness coach born in Debrecen, but living in Budapest for 10 years. I have lived in the world of sports since I was a child. I've tried a lot of sports, some of which I've even practiced at a competitive level. Among other things, I played soccer, competitive dancing, gymnastics and, in addition, I also played handball. I started to get to know the world of gyms at the age of 18 and since then I have not been able to break away from its walls, I simply love it and it officially became my main occupation 7 years ago, which is my life even now. Part of my life is motivating and changing people's lifestyles in a better direction, with my best expertise in both nutrition and sports.

My qualifications:
- Sports trainer and personal trainer
- G-flex trainer
- Strength trainer
- Sports nutritionist and nutritional supplement consultant
- Hormonal nutrition consultant
- Ifbb bikini competitor (2018-2019) / and I am currently preparing for the 2022 IfBB spring season.

My competition results so far:
- 2018 autumn Hungarian Cup – Bikini qualification: gold medal
- 2018 autumn Hungarian Cup – 160 cm bikini category: III. placed
- Spring 2019 Fitbalance – Fitt Model category: II. placed
- Spring 2019 Fitbalance Bikini 160 cm: III. placed

My motto:
"You don't have to find yourself, you have to create yourself!"

My relationship with D-life products:
It has always been important for me to provide myself and my guests with the best quality carbohydrates, as there are quite a I train during the day and I train a lot throughout the week, so I have to make sure that my body is sufficiently energized so that I also feel good in my own skin.

Unfortunately, I have often experienced that the low-carbohydrate pastas I bought did not taste good, and I certainly did not feel full of energy for a long time after eating them, until I got to know D-life's low-carbohydrate products. I also liked the fact that a team of Szeged Gabona research experts developed these products specifically for diabetics. recommend D-life's reduced-carbohydrate pastas and flours as well as other products.

I can confidently include these pastas in anyone's diet, even if our main goal is to lose weight and we don't have to do without the traditional flavors!

It was a pleasure for me to get to know the low-carb products of D-life, because I finally had access to healthy pasta that suits my taste. This way I can put together a varied menu for myself and my guests at the same time.