Help, I'm diabetic!

More than half a million diabetics live in Hungary and their number is increasing every year. Not to mention the number of people living with (yet) undiagnosed diabetes...
Insulin resistance, diabetes, diabetes... all of these can be inherited diseases, but they can develop at any time as a result of an inappropriate lifestyle, certain drug treatments or other physiological changes.
If you are also affected, after seeing many doctors, counselors, and nutritionists, you are probably looking for a solution that will help you feel better and live a full life.

Lifestyle change is the key!

The first and most important thing you can do for your health:change your lifestyleandcorrect eating habits design. You will need a diet in which fats, proteins and carbohydrates are present in the right proportion. Ourcarbohydrate-reducedproducts, which can be included in most diets, help with this.

Some arguments for D-life food and pasta…

  • by 30%lower carbohydrate content
  • so you can eat up to 3 buns, yourblood sugar levelwill still be 40% lower than if you had eaten traditional baked goods
  • patented Hungarian product
  • taste and texture similar totraditionalproducts