2021 May 13 3 min read

D-Life Presents: Flavor Wizard with Henry Kettner

Carb reduced blueberry muffin & magic cocoa




Mix the dry ingredients and separate two of the three eggs. Add the yolk to the whole egg. Mix well, then add the vegetable milk. Beat the egg whites into a stiff foam.

First add our milk mixture to the dry ingredients, then carefully fold in the beaten egg white. You can add the blueberries, but mix carefully so that the dough does not collapse. Spoon the finished mixture into muffin tins and bake in a 180-degree oven for approx. Bake for 20-25 minutes.




Scoop D-Life coconut milk powder, a pinch of cinnamon and D-Life cocoa powder into a mug. First pour a little of the boiled, slightly cooled water over it, mix it well, then gradually add water while stirring.


  • D-Life Low Carb Cake Mix

Carbohydrate-reduced and slow-absorbing special flour mixture for sweet, savory cakes, cakes, etc. (with milk powder and egg powder).

The well-proven family recipes can also be used for diabetic cakes. You can replace the flour part with D-Life low-carb cake mix. You can also add the usual sweetener to the recipes, if you use fructose, then calculate its amount when calculating the carbohydrate content! Pasta may require more moisture than usual.

D-Life products ensure prolonged slow absorption due to their galactomannan content (galactomannan is a natural fiber component found in the seeds of guar beans belonging to the buttercup family), so the so-called Thanks to the "Low and Slow" effect, we experience a feeling of fullness for a longer time when consuming them.

Products containing galactomannan have a pleasant taste, can be consumed at any time of the day (they do not have the character of sawdust), and their fiber content is higher than that of staple foods.

  • D-Life Coconut Milk Powder

Completely plant-based coconut milk powder! Recommended for preparing breakfast drinks, cakes, soups, milkshakes and cocktails. It can be used in dietary and lactose-free diets. In addition to coconut fat, also known as coconut oil and coconut milk, coconut milk powder is also an increasingly well-known product, which can have several beneficial effects on our health. Its effects and advantages: by consuming it, we can feel more energetic, thanks to its rich magnesium content, it can be a favorite ingredient of athletes, and its high phosphorus content contributes to the strength of bones.

  • D-Life quintuple sweetener

Natural sweetener with the combined power of erythritol and stevia. Erythritol is a natural sugar alcohol.Its sweetening power is 60-80% that of ordinary sugar, its shape is similar. Its taste is cool and sweet. It has no aftertaste. One of its great advantages is that it contains a negligible amount of calories, almost zero, does not raise blood sugar levels, does not affect insulin production, so it can be consumed by diabetics, insulin-resistant people and people who want to lose weight. The dried leaves of the stevia plant are approx. They are 30 times sweeter than refined sugar. The stevia leaf can be used on its own, brewed as tea, or to sweeten ready-made teas. It has an alkalizing effect on the human body and can be consumed by diabetics and dieters as it does not raise blood sugar levels.


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