2021 June 18 1 min read

D-Life presents: Taste Wizard with Zsolt Erdei

Whole grain bread in Hungarian style


To serve:

  • strong paprika
  • onions
  • sausage

Pour the dry ingredients into the mixing bowl, and the water and oil-based ingredients into the measuring cup. Mix the yeast in the oily water. The dough will come together after mixing for 5 minutes in the kneading machine, then take a part out of the mixing bowl, oil it, knead it by hand and leave it covered for 15 minutes.


15 minutes, portion it out, knead it, after another 15 minutes of rising, stretching, and pressing, let it wait covered for 10 minutes. After that, it is shaped, cut and sprinkled with water spray before baking. Bottom-top baking, at 200 degrees, for 50 minutes.

The bread is served Hungarian: with sausage, onion and strong paprika.


  • D-Life 70% Whole Grain Baking Mix

Carbohydrate-reduced, vegan, slow-absorbing flour mixture with 70% whole grain flour, contains no added sugar. It is recommended to replace traditional flour. It can be used in diabetic diets and weight loss. Popular ready-made flour of the D-Life product line.

Ingredients: whole-grain rye flour, vital wheat gluten flour, stabilizer (guar gum), table salt, lactic acid mixture (revealed whole-grain wheat flour, food acid: lactic acid), flour improver (ascorbic acid).

  • D-Life Transylvanian salt

Additive-free, high mineral content, mixed grain size table salt from Transylvania.

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